A few of our happy clients would like to share their experiences with you. Check out our testimonials below!

I am so incredibly grateful that we found Ashley to help our son. She has been working with him for over 2 years and his improvement has been amazing! She’s super nice and makes the sessions so fun that he can’t wait for her to arrive. My son may think she’s just a fun playmate, but the results of her work are clear. After he started preschool, he was getting speech therapy in school, but we continued to have him work with Ashley. Soon after preschool began, both my son’s teacher and his speech therapist asked for a list of what he’d said during a recent session with Ashley. They couldn’t believe she had gotten him to talk so much. The speech therapist asked me to explain what Ashley did with him, in the hopes of recreating the results. She even asked me to tape a session for her.  They started using some of the same techniques. He continues to improve and amaze us all. I know we have Ashley to thank.

Laura (Thayer's mother)

Miss Ashley has worked with both our sons on several speech issues. She is very professional and helped both my kids speech so much. They love working with Miss Ashley because she makes speech class fun. Using games and or props along with exercises helped my kids to learn and have fun at the same time. We enjoy working with Ashley and would recommend her to anyone who has any speech issue.

Janet (Mark and Matthew's mother)

We feel incredibly lucky to have Ashley work with our son on the autism spectrum for the last 3 years. His expressive and receptive language has grown in leaps and bounds. Ashley’s floor time expertise has helped Kevin connect and form relationships and bring him out of his shell. She knows what motivates him and uses that knowledge to expand and grow his speech and play skills.  She always challenges and pushes him to get to that next level but really understands his limits. If he’s had a hard day and is disregulated, she recognizes that and amazingly manages to work on speech and play skills all the while helping him regulate. He loves his sessions with Ashley, and eagerly looks forward to them every week!  Ashley is more than just a speech pathologist, she is an exceptional teacher, advocate, and friend.

Dee D. (Kevin's mother)

I can’t say enough great things about Ashley. My son just loves her and she always made him feel motivated and successful throughout the time she worked with him (from age 3 1/2 to 5). He went from being barely intelligible (even to us) to rattling off sentence after thoughtful sentence of crystal clear S’s! We are so proud of his hard work with her and more importantly, she fosters an environment where he feels proud of himself. She was very accommodating in scheduling sessions at my son’s school, and was always in contact with us to report progress and discuss issues. She was proactive in identifying creative ways to support our home practice despite our busy schedules. She is a true partner in our son’s success and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ashley.

Sanjeevanee (Talin’s Mom)

My daughter (age 6) worked with Achieving Better Communication this year.  In a matter of a few months of working with Ashley, my daughter’s speech issues improved impressively.  She very much looked forward to meeting with Ashely weekly and practiced on her own at home mostly without coaxing from me.  Ashley has a great way with children, made my daughter so comfortable while still effectively working with her.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone.


Our daughter Emma, age 7, received speech lessons from Ashley during school and summer breaks for three years. Ashley partnered with Emma’s teachers during the school year to incorporate Emma’s speech lessons into their day to day school work. We are very happy with the progress Emma has made under Ashley’s tutelage. Ashley made time for us throughout the years to provide feedback on Emma’s development plan, how she is progressing and areas we needed to work with Emma at home. We found Ashley to be great with kids and very accommodating to our hectic schedules. Although it has been months since Emma’s last lesson with Ashley, Emma still refers to Ashley’s guidance when working on her speech. We highly recommend Ashley as an exceedingly qualified and personable speech pathologist.

Yen (Emma's mom)

My daughter Charlotte (age 5) worked with Ashley for about a year. My daughter was very aware of her speech issues and this made her very shy to open up. Ashley being such a warm, kind person put Charlotte right at ease. The manner in which Ashley works with your child through play really made my daughter look forward to each session. My husband and I were amazed to see progress in just a matter of weeks. The tips Ashley would share for us to incorporate at home really helped us tremendously. Not only has Charlotte’s speech improved but her confidence has grown leaps and we owe that all to an amazing teacher. We would highly recommend Achieving Better Communication with Ashley!

Maria & Patrick (Charlotte's parents)